3-1. Information on Dashboard

*The following example shows using Ustream to live stream, other streaming services may have different Dashboard options.



  1. Ustream account icon
  2. Ustream user name
  3. ESSID which the LiveShell X is connected to or Ethernet
  4. Installed firmware version
  5. Dashboard registered email address
  6. The Device ID (displayed when 2 or more devices are registered to a single Dashboard account)
  7. The Ustream channel name entered into the LiveShell X

Left side


  • 8. The Channel
  • 9. Battery status, input resolution, key lock indictor, caption indicator, pause, crop, and recording status.
  • 10. Ustream player:  Selecting this area will open the Ustream video page.
    In the event of an error, the display will read: “[Currently not online].”
  • 11. Connection status
    Excellent No action required
    Good No action required
    Warning The bit-rate or frame-rate settings need to be adjusted
    Emergency The internet connection speed is slower than the current broadcast settings.
    The bit-rate or frame-rate settings need to be adjusted immediately.
    Dead Video has been cut off.  Adjust settings immediately.
    ・・・ Offline or no-response from LiveShell X
  • 12. Total time from the start of broadcasting
  • 13. Current viewers/total viewers
  • 14. Current video and audio bitrate
  • 15. Current video frame-rate