2-1d. RTSP server (initial setup)

  1. Access http://shell.cerevo.com/login and sign in to Dashboard.
  2. Select “LiveShell X” from the device list.
  3. Select [RTSP] and click [OK] button.
  4. Set the port number that RTSP streaming will use, the default value is 554.
  5. Select “Unicast” or “Multicast” from the pull down menu.

    If you select “Multicast”, please enter TTL.
    1. If you want to setup multiple broadcasting, select the checkbox.
    2. Set the other channel information and click the [OK] button.
  6.  Select an internet connection type and click the [OK] button.
  7.  Proceed to step 2-2.


  • TTL should be larger than the number of routers through which the multicast packet passes.
    (When distributing to a local network, TTL should normally be set to “1”.)