Network requirements for LiveShell X

Please check with the network administrator about communication availability of the following ports.
*Port forwarding is not required.

LiveShell X works normally if it set up in NAT. (Providing that the firewall does not block the connection to the below ports.)

Connection and broadcasting to and Niconico Live require port #1935 to and to be open.
LiveShell X does not support broadcasting via proxy servers.
You can access Dashboard via a proxy server but the proxy server must allow communication via Websocket or Flash.

Using LiveShell X

  • Common settings
      • TCP: 80, 443
      • TCP: 999

Using Ustream

  •, *
    • TCP: 80, 1935

Using YouTube Live

  • For IP addresses please check this page
    • TCP:80,1935

Using Niconico Live

  •, *
    • TCP: 80,443,1935

Using Dashboard (via web browser)

    • TCP: 80, 443

Updating Firmware

    • TCP: 80, 443