LiveShell X supported framerates and resolutions

LiveShell X has a HDMI input. Any device that has HDMI output* can be connected to LiveShell X.
LiveShell X officially supports the following resolutions and frame rates. If the output device connected to LiveShell X does not output one of the below resolutions and frame rates, LiveShell X may not work correctly.

*LiveShell X does not support HDCP connections.

Supported HDMI resolutions and frame rates

  • 1080p60 (59.94)
  • 1080p50
  • 1080p30(29.97)
  • 1080p25
  • 1080p24(23.976)
  • 1080i60 (59.94)
  • 1080i50
  • 1080i30
  • 1080i25
  • 720p60 (59.94)
  • 720p50
  • 720p/30(29.97)
  • 720p/25
  • 720p/24(23.976)
  • 576p
  • 576i
  • 480p
  • 480i
  • VGA