2-4. Local Mode

[Local Mode] streaming your video(audio) directly to RTMP server or RTSP client(LiveShell PRO works as RTSP server) and do not connect to the [Dashboard].So It would be better for those wouldn’t like to stream through open internet network or your company network restrict to access external servers(include our Dashboard) for security reason.
Note:you don’t use Dashboard feature in this mode.

  1. Access https://shell.cerevo.com/local. You don’t need to login Dashboard because this mode doesn’t use Dashboard.
  2. click [local mode] at the bottom of Dashboard web pages.And you will see this page.
  3. Select [device type] as [LiveShell PRO].
  4. Select an internet connection type(Wi-Fi or Ethernet) and enter network settings.You can use fixed IP settings in both Wi-Fi and Ethernet.
  5. Select streaming type(to RTMP server or as RTSP server) and enter each settings.You can set RTMP authentication settings(optional).
  6. Click [OK] and proceed to the transferring data as described way(connect setting cable and push [play] button)
  7. If you have any trouble about transferring data, confirm that the PC is connected to the LiveShell PRO by a setting cable and volume of your PC is set maximum level.
    You can download setting data as audio file.Click [Download] link and connect your PC to the LiveShell PRO with a setting cable and play the file by audio player or other applications.
  8. When data transferring finished, LiveShell PRO will connect to RTMP server or wait RTSP client connection and start broadcasting.