5-5. Niconico Live setting

Currently, due to a specification change on the platform side, only live-streaming via RTMP URLs, etc. is possible.
We will inform you of the normal live-streaming method as soon as it is available.
▶︎How to live-streaming at RTMP URLs

*All the information in this page is as of Mar. 2016 and ask niconico for more information not related to LiveShell PRO.

limitation of streaming at Niconico live

  • You can see preview(monitor) your broadcast in Niconico dashboard, not LiveShell Dashboard.
  • Niconico has a limitation of streaming bitrate(audio + video) depends on broadcast starting time.2am to 7:30pm up to 480kbps and 7:30pm to 2am is up to 384kbps.
  • To broadcast [Niconico Live], they required you have niconico paid account and a community(group feature in niconico) authorize you to broadcast(as of Mar. 2016).
  • You can broadcast for 30min with brand new community and if you would like to extend your broadcasting time, you need to buy it.See here for more informartion Nico points.

steps for start broadcasting

  1. Access niconico and click [community] at the header menus to create new one.If you already create or join(authorize you to broadcast), skip to step 6.
  2. Pull down [Menu] and select [Create community].
  3. Enter proper information to create community.and click [Preview] button.
  4. Confirm your community information and click [Post Update ].
  5. (option) we recommend you to click community name and bookmark your own community page.
  6. Click [Live] menu at the header menus.
  7. Click [Go Live] menu under the [Menu] pull down you see in step2.
  8. Enter broadcasting information.And make sure you can select the community you create in step3.Then click [Confirm].
  9. Accept Niconico Live Term of Use and then click [Start Broadcasting].No need to rush.You have 5 min to start broadcasting.
  10. In the Niconico Dashboard, click [External Tools] tab at the bottom of preview window.
  11. Open another window or tab, and access to Cerevo Dashboard.If you don’t set niconico account to the Dashboard, see section 2-1d. step3.Then clock [START LIVE].
  12. Niconico live restrict video and audio bitrate up to 384kbps(night time) and 512kbps(day time).So select preset 500kbps on the right side of Cerevo Dashboard preview window.and confirm bitrate below the preview window.
  13. ubx_en_cap_2525setting13

  14. If LiveShell send encode stream data properly, [Please watch in NiconicoLive] message will display in Preview window.It’s niconico’s restriction that Cerevo Dashboard cannot get preview data.Well, go back to niconico Dashboad.
  15. Now you will see your stream in niconico Dashboard and then click [Go Live!] button left-bottom of niconico Dashboard.