3-2. Unit display messages(pictogram)

Battery level display. A plug icon appears when an AC adapter is used.
Wi-Fi or LAN
Wi-Fi reception status. An Ethernet icon appears when and Ethernet.
Broadcasting status
Recording Status
Displays: “●” during a recording, and “○” when streaming has stopped.
Status bar 1
While LiveShell PRO is online, displays the video image input (HDMI or AV IN) / input resolution and the number of viewers. (The number of viewers is displayed only with Ustream.)
Status bar 2
While LiveShell PRO is online:   
  • 0 (default) bit rate of current ongoing video, image, and sound, set the streaming quality
    ※set streaming quality is shown as “Custom” when that option is selected.  When using the preset option, the internet speed streaming mode will be described as below.

    over 2000kbps – 720p FTTH
    over 800kbps – 480p ADSL
    over 500kbps – 360p 3GHi
    over 300kbps – 216p 3GLo
    still mode St
    moving mode Mv

    ex.”over 2000kbps” and “still mode” will be shown as “FTTH/St”.

  • 1. AV-IN volume, MIC-IN volume, HDMI volume, sound boost value
  • 2. Peak meter (6dB for a scale)
    ※when a peak meter is achieved on both ends, there is a 0dB under clipping. The status bar extends, warning users.
    If neither bar is displayed, there is a -6dB ~ 0dB under clipping. Below is as follows: -12dB ~ -6dB.
    When the maximum sound is not clipped, please adjust the bars to extend inside the meter.
  • 3. Current bit rate
  • 4. Channel title with Ustream, and application name with other services
  • 5. Page URL
  • 6. Firmware revision, device ID


  • 0 (default). s.cerevo.com
  • 1. firmware revision, device ID
  • 2. Ethernet’s MAC address