2-3b. Wi-Fi set up

  1. You will see the message on the unit’s LCD [Register me at s.cerevo.com.]
  2. Enter your Wi-Fi ESSID and Wi-Fi passphrase.
  3. Connect one end of the attached setup cable to the “MIC IN” port on the LiveShell Pro and connect the other end to the headphone jack as depicted in the image below.
    And then click [Play] button.
  4. Then LCD change and will display [LIVE].And you can see Dashboard main panel on your PC(or other devices) when setup is complete.
    * For niconico Live, you need to setup in niconico web site.please refer to external web pageĀ [Stream Live on Niconico!].
    * For RTSP server mode, please refer to theĀ RTSP server setting.