5-2-2. Unknown Trouble

Nothing happens during network setup with audio download

Check if the audio is coming out of the PC, Mac or Smartphone which you used for network setup.
Check if the audio cable is firmly connected to both devices.
Audio or video cannot be played on your PC, Mac or Smartphone during network setup.
Remove any ethernet LAN cable connected to your LiveShell.
Note: Make sure all audio is stopped and try to download the network setup with Play with volume adjustment.

Unstable Operation. Sudden Shutdowns

This happens when your LiveShell is connected through a 5-V/500-mA USB hub, AC adapter, or computer USB port.
Check for low battery power or if the LiveShell AC adapter is not being used.
Use the LiveShell AC adapter and restart your LiveShell.

No broadcasting through a regular AV-IN cable from a camcorder.

Make sure that you use the AV-IN cable that came with your LiveShell. Camcorder AV-IN cables made by Sony, Panasonic, and other companies have different pin assignment and will not work with your LiveShell.
The pin assignment for the LiveShell AV-IN pins is an Apple-type assignment.

Don’t work on specific network

Please check with the network administrator about communication availability with the following ports on the server. (Port forwarding setting isn’t needed)

Rev. 3325 –

  • Use LiveShell:
    • s.cerevo.com, shell.cerevo.com
      • TCP: 80, 443
    • wss.shell.cerevo.com
      • TCP: 999
    • ustream.tv, *.ustream.tv
      • TCP: 80, 1935
  • Use Dashboard:
    • s.cerevo.com, shell.cerevo.com, wss.shell.cerevo.com
      • TCP: 80, 443

before Rev.3197

  • Use LiveShell:
    • s.cerevo.com, shell.cerevo.com, wss.shell.cerevo.com
      • UDP: 9999, 10000
      • TCP: 80, 443
    • ustream.tv, *.ustream.tv
      • TCP: 80, 1935
  • Use Dashboard:
    • s.cerevo.com, shell.cerevo.com, wss.shell.cerevo.com
      • TCP: 80, 443

HDMI cable attached LiveShell can’t connect to Contour+

Use the Contour+ HDMI cable.
Note: Contour+ Bay Window (where you plug in HDMI cable connector) has their special dimensions so that Contour provides the special semi-custom made HDMI cable with their camera. This is Contour+ unique design issue and it is nothing wrong with our cable. You can use it with other camcorder without any problem.

Can’t output right image via HDMI

LiveShell supports 480p. Please change your camcorder’s setting.
・eg1) 720p

・eg2) 1080i

・eg3) 1080p

Can’t broadcast video and audio but Ustream site says “LIVE”

Make sure your camcorder powered ON and don’t use auto power off function.
Do not use Ustream Broadcaster at same time.
If you use it, close it and stop all broadcast. Take 15min before restart.
Set other Ustream channel to your LiveShell and make sure you can broadcast without problem.

Echoing in the Audio

Make sure you do not have the Dashboard main panel and the Ustream broadcast screen open at the same time, or two screens of either of these.
Close one of the screens or turn the volume in one of them down to zero, and then check again. Make sure the same audio is not being input into the HDMI and AV IN or the HDMI and MIC IN.
Turn the volume to zero for either screen using the Volume tab in the Dashboard main panel.