2-4a. Ustream Setup

  1. Select “Ustream” and click on “OK”.
  2. Input your Ustream username and password.
  3. Select a Ustream channel and select the Internet connection type.
  4. Ethernet: Enter the PIN that is displayed on the LiveShell display screen and click on “OK”.
  5. Wireless Step1: Enter the ESSID (wireless network name) and passphrase (Wi-Fi password).
    Note: The ESSID and passphrase are case-sensitive.
  6. Wireless Step2: Connect the attached blue audio cable to the MIC IN on the LiveShell and the other end to the headphone jack as below.
    Click on the “Play” icon to download the setting configuration.
    Note: Close all audio and video applications before downloading the wireless LAN settings.
    After transfer has succeeded, the page will automatically change to the Dashboard. Wait a moment.
    If you cannot connect your network, make sure you are not using stealth mode or a static IP address, and that you have not entered the wrong information.
  7. Your LiveShell will display the word “LIVE” and the Dashboard main panel will appear on your PC, Mac and/or Smartphone when broadcasting begins.