4-2. Firmware Updates

Firmware update

During broadcasting, press the top left button (), and select “Power-Off”.
Your LiveShell will begin a fully automatic firmware update.
Note: Do not unplug the AC adapter or remove the batteries while the firmware is being updated.

Release Notes

These firmware update release notes are for your reference.

Firmware Rev.3826 (12/02/2016)

Main Improvements

  • Modified English text.
  • Added a menu to show Wi-Fi MAC address.
  • Updated to automatically restart after abnormal operation.
  • Fixed the problem that some SSID can not be found.
  • Fixed the problem that in local mode an unexpected number is displayed.
  • Changed the wording of error message “unknown error”.
  • Fixed the problem that LiveShell does not connect to Dashboard when name resolution fails.

Firmware Rev.3528 (7/29/2013)

Main Improvements
Fix the problem that Liveshell connect repeatedly to the Dashboard in a short term, when ustream is down.

Firmware Rev.3522 (7/18/2013)

Main Improvements
Change Dashboard API access to HTTPS for security issue.

Firmware Rev.3483 (3/21/2013)

Main Improvements
Change ethernet link up wait time from 2sec to 3sec.

Firmware Rev.3482 (2/25/2013)

Main Improvements
Supported RTMP authentication of LimeLight and Akamai.
-> If you use LimeLight, The URL have to be “rtmp://example.com/app/inst” form. The default inst is _definst_.
Added the error message of failing RTMP authentication.
Fixed the issue of repeat disconnect and reconnect every 16,777 sec using specific server at RTMP broadcasting.
Fixed the issue of failing or taking a long time to reconnect at RTMP broadcasting.
Supported display of HDMI/AVIN input resolution on the LCD.
Added the language select menu (Showed during a LiveShell is offline).
Added the HDMI color menu (Only in the control buttons menu).
Fixed the issue of connecting to any if a LiveShell does not have Wi-Fi settings.
Changed the transition to reconnect from to be offline when disconnected by missing of ethernet cable.

Firmware Rev.3356 (12/6/2012)

Main Improvements
Supported RTMP certification.(Supported broadcasting on FlashMediaServer installed Adobe Flash Media Encoder Authentication Add-in.)

Firmware Rev.3349 (7/2/2012)

Main Improvements
Supported One-Time URL. (Check the “Can not use this URL over and over”, the LiveShell doesn’t reconnect when the URL become invaild.)
Fixed an issue of not working until the connection recovered if you stop the broadcasting when the LiveShell can’t connect to internet.
Fixed an issue of not be able to watch the broadcasting after reconnecting when you broadcast to Wowza Media Server.
Fixed an issue of Dashboard control disconnection when connect to the NAT router that is also connected the LiveShell.
Fixed an issue of initial registration that it was compleated wrong if you power off the LiveShell while waiting PIN inputted.
Fixed an issue of inputting wireless LAN ESSID and password by LiveShell’s key control that the last character can not be inputted right if you input up to limit.

Firmware Rev.3329 (5/24/2012)

Main Improvements
Fixed the issue of not being able to record when start the broadcast after setting to “Record”.
FIxed the issue of not being able to update the firmware on some combination of environment and operation.

Firmware Rev.3325 (5/21/2012)

Main Improvements
Fixed the issue of not being able to broadcast some server, mainly Watershed.
-> FMS 4.5, Wowza Media Server 3.1, Red5 0.8 or earlier are enabled.
Note: Red5 0.9 or later are not supported.
Enabled to use high sensitivity WiFi adapter (not included).
-> PLANEX GW-USHyper300, GW-USSuper300
Changed the number of DHCP trial to 3 times at intervals of 30sec.
Changed to use TCP from UDP.
-> TCP 10001 is now used.
Added audio peak meter to LCD UI.
Fixed the problem of possible black screen when restart the broadcast from pause using bad internet connection.
Improved algorithm of flow control.

Firmware Rev.3233 (4/16/2012)

Fixed the issue of not being able to connect when there are too many (33 or more) wireless LAN APs.

Added a display function for built-in ethernet MAC addresses.
Minor changes in display messages.

Firmware Rev.3197 (12/14/2011)

Fixed issues with processing when broadcasting mono audio.

Firmware Rev.3187 (12/12/2011)

Main Improvements
Improved max bit rate.
Fixed flickering issues in 4:3 ratio video size and letterbox setup.
Improved switching between video start/video change.
Stopped video broadcasting when no AV-IN video signal is present.
Fixed issues regarding restarting a broadcast after powering off the unit under a high current load.
Fixed encoding issues when aspect ratio is changed under a high current load.
Fixed freezing and stopping issues when start is pressed in Stopped mode.

Firmware Rev.3158 (11/28/2011)

Aspect ratio and caption now adjustable in HDMI input.
720×576 DVI video broadcasting available.
Wireless LAN
Stabilized reconnection after AP disconnect.
Auto-retry three times to improve connection.
Additional Broadcast Setup
UI control available from LiveShell unit immediately after going online. Available options: Broadcast/Stop/Pause.
Fixed key lock freezing issues.
Fixed UI responsiveness.