3-4-1. Add Network

This setup guide is for adding an additional network aside from the LiveShell default setup.

Adding an Ethernet LAN Network

DHCP-Enabled Ethernet LAN

No additional ethernet LAN setup is required once you have completed the initial setup. To use an ethernet LAN network, just plug the LAN cable into your LiveShell. The ethernet LAN network must be able to auto-detect IP addresses.

Note: If you performed the initial setup with a fixed-IP ethernet LAN network, you need to change the ethernet LAN address to DHCP.

Adding a Wireless LAN Network

Numbers (Wi-Fi numbers) are assigned to networks starting with the most recent. When few registered access points are detected, the most recently registered access point will be given priority.

  • The older the registered access point, the larger the assigned Wi-Fi number and the lower the priority order.
  • You can register up to ten access points, after which the oldest access points are deleted.

If there are no new access points, your LiveShell will automatically connect to the last registered access point (i.e., the Wi-Fi spot with the lowest number.)

Your LiveShell does not detect ESSID stealth access points. You need to set up such access points at the end.


  1. Click “Setting” at top right in the Dashboard main panel.
  2. Click “Add network”.
  3. Input the wireless LAN network ESSID and the password.
  4. Connect the setup cable as shown below and click on the play button.
  5. The broadcast starts when “LIVE” is displayed at the top of the display.