5-1. FAQ


Camcorder Requirement

* Camcorder -> HDMI cable -> LiveShell
The camcorder which throughouts VGA, 480p, or 576p without HDCP.

* Camcorder -> AV cable attached the camcorder -> AV IN cable atttached LiveShell -> LiveShell
The camcorder which outputs composite video to the TV supported NTSC/PAL.

Proxy setup

The LiveShell does not support networks which require proxy configurations.


The LiveShell does not support webcam.

Use HDMI video and AV-IN audio

Set HDMI volume 0 on Dashboard’s volume tab.

Ad hoc mode wireless LAN

The LiveShell does not support ad hoc mode.


The LiveShell can not support H.264 due to hardware specification.

MAC address

Wi-Fi: Please get off the Wi-Fi adapter. It is printed on it.
Ethernet: It is shown on the LiveShell’s display during it is offline.
Please press the right bottom button 2 times. (It needs the firmware Rev.3233 or later.)

YouTube Live support

LiveShell does not support YouTube Live because of codec (H.263/ADPCM). LiveShell PRO uses H.264/AAC codec, so it supports YouTube Live.