1. Before Using the LiveShell 2

1-1. Box contents

Your LiveShell 2 box contains these items:

  • LiveShell 2 unit with its wireless LAN adapter attached
    *This adapter is capable of connecting to both 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi access points.
    **Protective film has been placed on the LCD display, please remove it.
  • An AC adapter
  • setup cable
  • A quick setup guide (you can also download the PDF)

1-2. What you need to live stream with LiveShell 2

To start live streaming with your LiveShell 2, you will need:

  • An internet connection
    • Connections with proxy servers are not supported
    • Connections with network activation web authentication are not supported
  • A PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet that supports the latest versions of these web browsers –
    • Google Chrome
    • Firefox
    • Internet Explorer
    • Microsoft Edge
    • Safari (OSX/iOS only)
  • PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet that has a 3.5 mm stereo audio output connection
  • A video camera or other device that can –
    • Output video via HDMI at 480p/720p/1080i resolution without HDCP
  • A Cerevo LiveShell Dashboard account

1-2-1. Dashboard registration

Dashboard is a web-based control panel to control your live streaming. To control your LiveShell 2 broadcasting a Dashboard account is required. To broadcasting using YouTube Live you will also require a Google authenticated account.

Steps for account registration

    1. Access https://shell.cerevo.com/login

Registration via Cerevo Dashboard

    1. Click the [Sign up] button on the bottom-left of the page.
    2. Enter your email address and password, and click on the [Create account] button.
    3. A registration confirmation email will be sent, click on the confirmation link in that email to finish registration. Continue to initial setup (section 2).

Registration via Facebook account

    1. Click on the Facebook pictogram.
    2. Login to your Facebook account to authorize Dashboard access. Cerevo will not receive or record your Facebook password.
    3. Facebook will ask you agree to provide some information to Dashboard. Check the info and click [Okay]. Continue to initial setup (section 2).

Registration via Google account

  1. Click on the Google pictogram.
  2. Login to your Google account to authorize Dashboard access. Cerevo will not receive or record your Google password.
  3. Google will ask you agree to provide some information to Dashboard. Check the info and click [Allow]. Continue to initial setup (section 2).

1-4. For your safety

To prevent damage to your LiveShell 2 or injury to yourself or to others, read the following safety precautions in its entirety before using this equipment.
  • The LiveShell 2 must remain at an ambient temperature of 32°F-104°F and a humidity level of 10%-90%. High storage temperatures reduce battery life and excessive heat or below freezing temperatures may cause the unit to temporarily stop working.
  • Only use the AC adapter that was supplied with this product. DO NOT use any other AC adapters. Use of an unqualified adapter may present a risk of failure, fire, explosion, leakage or other hazards.
  • DO NOT expose to water, heat, high levels of humidity, or direct sunlight. Doing so may cause failure, electric shock or deformation.