2-1c. Other broadcasting services (RTMP, YouTube Stream now, initial setup)

Please have your RTMP server address (URL) and other RTMP server information at hand before proceeding with these steps.

  1. Access http://shell.cerevo.com/login and sign in to Dashboard.
  2. Select “LiveShell 2” from the device list.
  3. Select [Other broadcasting services] and click [OK].
  4. Enter your server’s broadcasting RTMP URL, other information then click the [OK] button.
  • To get YouTube [Stream now] settings, login to YouTube and click your account pictogram on the top right of the screen then click the [Creator Studio] button.
  • ubx_en_cap_streamnowsetting01
  • Click on the [LIVE STREAMING] link from the left side menu.
  • You will see the RTMP server address and stream name/key in the [ENCODER SETUP] section, click on [Reveal] to show the stream name/key value. Copy this info into the Broadcasting RTMP URL and Stream boxes in Dashboard.
  1. Select an internet connection type and proceed to stepĀ 2-2.