6. FAQ


Bandwidth requirement of LiveShell 2

If the network upload speed is around 300kbps broadcasting at 3~5fps video with low quality sound will be possible. For high quality live streaming an average upload speed of 2Mbps is required.

Network requirement of LiveShell 2

Please check with the network administrator about communication availability with the following ports on the server.
* Port forwarding setting isn’t needed.

LiveShell 2 works normally if it set up in NAT. (Please note that the firewall does not block the connection to the below ports.)

The connection and broadcasting to ustream.tv and Niconico Live need capability to connect the port #1935 of arbitrary subdomain of ustream.tv and live.nicovideo.jp.
LiveShell 2 does not support the connection via proxy.
The network proxy setup required can be used for using Dashboard but it requires communication by Websocket or Flash.
  • Use LiveShell 2:
    • common settings
      • s.cerevo.com, shell.cerevo.com
        • TCP: 80, 443
      • wss02-shell.cerevo.com
        • TCP: 999
    • Use Ustream:
      • ustream.tv, *.ustream.tv
        • TCP: 80, 1935
    • Use Niconico Live:
      • live.nicovideo.jp, *.live.nicovideo.jp
        • TCP: 80,443,1935
  • Use Dashboard (by web browser):
    • s.cerevo.com, shell.cerevo.com, wss02-shell.cerevo.com
      • TCP: 80, 443

Nothing happens during network setup with audio download

Check if the audio is coming out of the PC, Mac or Smartphone which you used for network setup.
Check if the audio cable is firmly connected to both devices.
Audio or video cannot be played on your PC, Mac or Smartphone during network setup.
Remove any ethernet LAN cable connected to your LiveShell.

After Wi-Fi setup, LiveShell 2 says “LIVE” but Dashboard main panel is not shown

→ Exit your web browser and access http://shell.cerevo.com/ again.

Echoing in the Audio

Make sure you do not have the Dashboard main panel and the Ustream broadcast screen open at the same time, or two screens of either of these.
Close one of the screens or turn the volume in one of them down to zero, and then check again.
Turn the volume to zero for either screen using the Volume tab in the Dashboard main panel.

Can’t broadcast video and audio but Ustream site says “LIVE”

Make sure your camcorder powered ON and don’t use auto power off function.
Do not use Ustream Broadcaster at same time.
If you use it, close it and stop all broadcast. Take 15min before restart.
Set other Ustream channel to your LiveShell and make sure you can broadcast without problem.


LiveShell 2 supports only Original (http://original.livestream.com/guide/livetv) Livestream, not new Livestream.
New Livestream does not provide a RTMP URL so LiveShell 2 cannot support it.